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Toys – Our Fictional Friends

Toys are objects that we played with as children;
Whether we were playing with Barbies or making a Lego building.
We would talk to them, take care of them, and always had fun;
But we were always excited to move on to that new Nerf gun!

As babies we have those pretend phones or that plastic talking robot;
Although they could often end up getting destroyed or completely covered in snot!
They comforted us when we couldn’t talk or understand life quite yet,
Although when we get a new one, it is the old one we can never forget!

Girls have their dolls, and would style their hair and change their dresses,
And get our new pretend iPad in which we used to send our parents a message!
As a girl you get your first cooking set, and make your own ‘cupcakes’,
Although there would always be some kind of funny, minor mistake!

Boys have their water guns, shooting water bullets all day long,
Or have a court table and play Tennis and Ping-Pong.
They play with Lego Chima and do role plays with the men,
And although you’ve played it lots of times, you always want to do it again and again!

Adults even have their own toys, an Xbox or a PlayStation;
Loving the video games and the everlasting sensation.
Playing on the Wii, and having fun playing imaginary sports,
Although we all know it is much healthier to play on actual sports’ courts!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School