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Holidays – A Time Of Joy And Bliss

Holidays are a point in time where you finish work or school,
And have some time out to do something fun and cool.
Hanging out with family, friends and other loved ones,
Laughing, bonding and chatting each other while having fun!

One way to spend a holiday is to go overboard, whether alone or with your family,
Going somewhere different and exotic, and wanting new experiences and somewhere sunny.
The adults hope to get rid of some of their previous stress,
And the kids try to do everything they possibly can, making sure they have no regrets!

But some don’t want this, or can’t afford it, so they do something simple instead,
Like going out with friends for meals or just having a relaxing breakfast in bed!
They just want peace and quiet, maybe in their apartment or small house,
Having some time in their comfort for them is what it’s all about!

Another type of holiday is for the newly wed, and this is called the honeymoon,
Where they can enjoy each other’s company, and stay in the same tune.
Or maybe the holiday for parents, when the children finally move away,
Because although they’ll be missed, they’ll be relieved that there can be quiet for more than a day!

So, as we can see, holidays are different for everyone,
When they embrace the time of no work, and enjoy some lovely sun.
But no matter the season, place or the conditions they may face in the holidays,
When it comes to spending time with family, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School



Heroes – Our Life-Long Role Models

Heroes are the people that we aspire to be,
Whether you want to be a scientist, an author or just sing in glee.
There’s always someone who’s done something great,
No matter if it’s someone famous that you can never meet or simply just your mate!

We always have a famous person that we look up to,
The motivation we use to push us to prepare for what we want to do.
They are popular, and normally have the career of some sort, whatever you want to be,
And it is only their greatness, not the inside, and their personality that you can see.

But then you can have a small hero, and this really isn’t bad,
It could be your grandparents, or even your mum or dad.
They are loving and caring, and you know them inside out,
You know that they are a true inspiration without a doubt!

Everyone has a different hero, and some even have more than one,
And they are mainly for the things they have done.
You love what you have seen about them and what they do,
But you will always be inspired by the people who are closest and dearest to you…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

School – The First Stages of the World

School is the place where we have our education and learn new things,
And often where our first strong friend relationships begin.
This teaches us the things we need to know so that we are smart,
And how to get a job in this world and play our own part.

We start in nursery, where we play and laugh all day,
When we only know those first few words, and have barely anything to say.
We colour our pictures outside the line and paint things with our hands,
And we go outside and play on the swing and slide, or play in the sand!

Afterwards we move onto primary school, which isn’t much of a step,
But this is the part where the foundation of the education starts to develop.
This is where we make our first friends and we start to work hard and do our best,
When we begin the long phase of exams and preparation tests.

The middle of our major school life starts in secondary school,
When you try to fit in and learn how to do and say what is cool.
You have a bunch of tests that decide your future in university and a bit of your life,
Although it’s not the sort of journey that is stress free with no trace of strife.

Lastly you find you have finished sixth form, and have your entire future plan sorted,
Hoping to get into the university you’ve been dreaming of, the one you’ve wanted.
You start at university and that’s when the real work begins,
And when the world opens up and reveals itself and you start to see everything.

But the real school is the experience of what you go through in your life, and what you do,
Just like what they say, “Experience is the best teacher”, and at this stage, you begin to see this is true…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Dreams – Our Wildest Thoughts

A dream is a series of thoughts that come together while we sleep,
Although they often occur when our sleep is quite deep.
We don’t always remember them, really only the nightmares,
But those are the ones we don’t want to remember, as they give us the scares!

We have those peaceful dreams, the ones that make us happy,
Whether we are smiling with our family or skipping in a land of candy!
They are often not remembered very vividly, which is really quite sad,
But we normally have a good one the next night, which isn’t so bad!

But we also have nightmares, the dreams we can’t escape so easily,
About clowns under our bed, or strange creatures laughing eerily.
They make us sweaty, stressed and scared, even in our sleep,
Often waking us up in a flash, making us cry and weep.

But these dreams pass, and new ones will come again,
And positive vibes from them we hope to gain,
Those dreaded nightmares will always find a way into our mind,
But we can always find a way to figure them out, and leave them behind!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Time – A Season in Which Everything Happens

Time is the progress of existence that tells us of the past, present and future;
Although we often wish it would give us more time, and tell us a point in time that is sooner.
It tells us the hours in a day, and how many seconds are in a minute;
Although how long we get in those crucial seconds will end, having a certain limit…

There is a time for everything, just as the saying goes,
Whether it is a time to love someone, or a time to loathe.
There is a time to have a feeling for everyone you meet or see,
Whether you feel happy or sad, trapped or free…

There will always be the time to have the freedom of speech, and also the right to silence.
And there is also a time for peace, and a time to start a war or a fight.
A time to keep your possessions, and also a time to lose;
A time to be smart and responsible and a time to have fun and amuse.

Time doesn’t wait for you, no matter what you say,
No matter how much you plead, no matter how much you pray
Or if it is a time to laugh or a time to cry,
A time will eventually come in which we will be born, and also die…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Money – A Necessity Of Life

Money is an item that can buy us things that help u live our lives;
Whether it is food, clothes or a ring for the brand new wife.
It can be gained one second, and lost so easily the next;
Whether it is the cash that is in your bank, or that priceless cheque.

Money can be exchanged so you can change it and spend it around the world;
And we find out the good and bad things about money as problems begin to unfurl.
It helps us provides for our families and ourselves;
And pay for jobs to be done like getting a car washed or giving your house a few amends.

Although money can help us, it can also cause stress and greed;
Whether you get too much and are careless or you are in debt and in desperate need.
You can get buried in bills with careless spending or not having enough money;
Meaning you couldn’t be very responsible, or just very unlucky!

Money is a necessity of life that we all need, no matter who we are;
Whether it is to spend it on a mortgage or simply spending at a snack bar.
Money can be a solution or a problem, depending on your life situation,
Although it is nice to spend a bit of extra money for your summer vacation!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar

Food and Drink – A Universal Need

Food is the substance that we all like to eat;
Varying from foods like vegetables to food like meat.
We have people who eat a lot, and people who don’t bother;
But it helps us get taller, lets our bones grow stronger.

We have the sweet food, that we all know isn’t healthy for our bodies,
The food we always want to get, even though it may be naughty!
They taste delicious, the taste melting on our tongues;
The delicious icing of cakes, the jam on the buns!

But we also have healthy food: fruit, vegetables and fish,
Although they aren’t as nice as a bar of chocolate or a sweet dish!
They help our bodies to develop, our bodies to grow,
Help us to walk and run, speak, think properly, catch and throw.

We have our fizzy drinks, and our squash and juice;
As good looking as the taste that is produced!
In moderate portions they could be healthy, or simply filled with sugar,
Though it is our crazy side that it may trigger!

But, then we have the healthy ones, water or even a yoghurt drink;
They may not taste the best, or have flavour, but they are better than we think!
They help give us strength, and quench our thirst,
But normally we like to have a nice meal first!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Family – Love Unconditional

A family is often the mum, dad and children together;
A unit that is happy and sticks together, whatever the weather.
They co-exist in harmony most of the time, as one big team,
Making life easy for each other, as swift and light as a dream.

First you start of as nuclear, with the mother and father,
And then the children come, a son, and or a daughter.
You live in the same house, and laugh and disagree but no matter what may,
Showing love and gladness all the time, no signs of dismay.

Then you have the grandparents, parents to your parents, in which no one can compare;
Who are always there, willing to help with anything they have spare.
You extend it more, your parents, siblings known as uncles and/or aunts;
Always ready to spoil their nephews or nieces at any possible chance.

Your cousins are nephews or nieces to your parents:
And with you, you’re like siblings, always sharing.
You’re either fighting, or loving each other;
They’re like a different kind of blood sister or brother.

You family goes into all sorts, from grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters,
Uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, even godparents are included in the mixture!
All of them playing a part in your life, showing different shades of caring;
This forms the acronym for FAMILY, proudly declaring;

F-A-M, Forget About Me, and think about you first;
I-L-Y, I Love You, always with you through the very worst…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Childhood- When ignorance is bliss

Childhood is the basic start in life,
When we don’t have a trouble, or face any strife.
We grow and learn and develop into young adults;
But at this stage we don’t even have the sense of our own impulse!

We come out of the womb and cry to our mothers,
Not caring about disturbing and bothering others.
You cannot think for yourself, cannot fend for yourself,
But you can ensure that nothing from you will be withheld.

Then we grow into a toddler, and take our first steps,
And start to use our hands to hold objects.
We say our first words, and our life has just begun,
As we step into the school life, learning one plus one!

We merge into a child, and begin to know Yes and No,
And we start to develop and begin to grow,
We know how to use our brain, and how to think,
Knowing our numbers and alphabets, the difference between blue and pink.

Then we turn, 11, and are about to enter secondary school,
And you begin to know yourself, and come to know what’s cool.
You grow out of the phase of a child, growing in wisdom;
But now adulthood is a whole new business!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

SOCIAL MEDIA- The Latest Fad

Social media helps us talk with family and friends
We are able to chat for hours on end
There’s really no need to be side to side
As we can chat to them on different devices even by the bedside

FACEBOOK, the king of all the Medias
Where you can have a joke or be serious
Post pictures or videos, then click on like, love or poke
And talk to long lost friends and crack many jokes!

YOUTUBE, where you watch your favourite people
Videos about weird situations, or even how to make treacle
You can see videos that make you laugh or cry
Or view the latest products that you could buy

TWITTER, where you can make comments and say what you think
And get other comments as quick as a blink
You hear the views of others and see what they say
But you may not think in the same way!

SNAPCHAT, where you can update your friends on what’s going on
Whether you’re getting you hair done or just having fun
You can chat with friends and make them smile
And tell them to check your pictures and profile

INSTAGRAM, a place to share pictures and videos
And look at other posts, whether beautiful or hideous
You can talk to friends and catch up with the latest gossip
And talk about which celebrity is the most awesome

So, social media can help communicate with loved ones
And talk about anything and anyone
Although this is a positive aspect of life on a screen
It is sometimes not as good as it may seem…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School