Dreams – Our Wildest Thoughts

A dream is a series of thoughts that come together while we sleep,
Although they often occur when our sleep is quite deep.
We don’t always remember them, really only the nightmares,
But those are the ones we don’t want to remember, as they give us the scares!

We have those peaceful dreams, the ones that make us happy,
Whether we are smiling with our family or skipping in a land of candy!
They are often not remembered very vividly, which is really quite sad,
But we normally have a good one the next night, which isn’t so bad!

But we also have nightmares, the dreams we can’t escape so easily,
About clowns under our bed, or strange creatures laughing eerily.
They make us sweaty, stressed and scared, even in our sleep,
Often waking us up in a flash, making us cry and weep.

But these dreams pass, and new ones will come again,
And positive vibes from them we hope to gain,
Those dreaded nightmares will always find a way into our mind,
But we can always find a way to figure them out, and leave them behind!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


Identity – Exodus

My child, the youngest of my petals,
your scent rising above the fences,
the sound bouncing off shiny metals,
When will you come to your senses?

You say, you’ve found your way,
pacing to and fro come what may,
our light shines forth
but not as bright as it ought…

My child, what do you search for?
the scent rising higher day by day!
our meadow is the best ashore,
but your heart is gone astray…

You say you’re fine by yourself,
guaranteed all that you want
you no longer seek help
your image, you flaunt…

My child, soft as silk,
smooth as a baby’s skin,
your meal still as milk,
causes you to raise your chin…

I say, you’re lost and you know it!
racing higher but you don’t fit
purpose: you forgot the meaning.
get back to the ways that are appealing.

Sam Aigbotsua

Change – The Only Constant In Life

Change is a series of unstoppable moments
It is a period where everything may not always be in focus
You never know when it will happen, it isn’t planned
Some of those times won’t be good; at others change will be grand!

Changing from a baby to a toddler, taking your first steps
And you say your first word, wondering what else is next!
You become bigger, and start school
And soon learn that being older and going to school isn’t that cool!

You go through primary school, learning all the way
But this place is not where you will stay
You move onto secondary school, which is much harder
From that moment you wish you were back in nursery, still a starter!

Then you go to university, study hard and then graduate
And get a job, an experience that may or may not be great!
You grow into a young adult and learn different things about life
And when the time is right, you may become a husband or wife!

You will have your own kids and see them grow
And hope they will do well in life, knowing everything they need to know
They later on have kids and you become a grandparent, even maybe a great grandparent
And when you go, you will watch them from Heaven!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Love – The Bride and The Groom

Love is an amazing feeling that occurs between at least two people
It causes a great atmosphere, calm and peaceful
A man and woman share this love as the bride and groom
Their love for each other slowly beginning to bloom

This love is true and cannot be broken
The vows they take are secure and real, every word that is spoken
Their kisses create sparks in the air
Their love shines bright everywhere

They have their moments of upset and anger
But they end up in each other’s arms laughing, after no much longer
They have their ups and downs
But they will always find their way around

They fight for each other and protect each other
They will always be there for one another
Their fate is predictable, as they will always be together
They will love each other right now and forever

God has done a wonderful thing, finding the perfect match
With His protection they will never detach
Join in this wonderful event-THE WEDDING
which then changes to a MARRIAGE as they say:
“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!”

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


See the hazy light blue sky
Golden leaves are falling
The brown old trees give a sigh
You can hear them calling

Hear the crinkly golden leaves
Crunching under children’s feet
Listen to the dead old trees
The stomping makes a beat

Smell the creamy steamy air
Steak pie is on my plate
Dessert cooking in the oven as we stare
More children running towards the gate

Feel the wind against your face
Red and orange whirl about
Drifting into every place
Leaves of course no doubt

Taste the soup run down your throat
It’s as smooth as silk
Sailing down like a boat
Served with a drink of milk


by Glory Adeola