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Fathers – A daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero

A father is the male in the family, that takes control over everything;
Helping with decisions of the house, mother the Queen, him the King
This figure is a role model that children seem to follow and copy,
Although they seem mean on the outside, they are always good on the inside, as sweet as toffee!

They are not always biological, but you know they always care,
They are ready to help you, to hold you, and always be there.
They’re strict, but soft as well, especially when we are growing up,
They make sure we behave, but sometimes treat us like we are grownups!

When we get older, around the teenage stage,
We start to drift from them when we get older in age,
Girls might find it harder to talk to them about private things, that’s what mums are for,
But boys don’t run out of things to talk about with their dads, it’s never a bore!

Dads are always the kindest, giving us secret treats,
Talking to us and telling us funny jokes as we walk with them down the streets.
We have a mummy’s boy, but also a daddy’s girl,
And, to be honest, that position for both the girl and the dad is always more swell.

Our dads are the only men in our lives that can never let us down,
Even though they can make us angry, or make us frown,
He’s a daughter’s first love, and a son’s first hero,
And they will always impact our lives way more than they will ever know…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


Your Beauty

Your beauty is ever before my eyes,
The wind a catalyst for it’s sway,
My eyes behold your excellence,
My mind racing,
It makes my heart pang.

Directs my feet to chase after you,
For ever you are ever before me,
Swaying: left, right and left again!
It leaves me speechless.

At the perfect time, you spring forth,
There’s something about you,
My mind seeks after it,
But I just can’t explain it.

Your light shining before me,
Guiding my paths,
Even while my eyes are closed,
Your beauty is ever before me.

Sam Aig

Siblings – Love Indescribeable

Brothers and sisters, one of the best buddies you can get
Having a relationship that you will never regret
You will constantly fight, kick and scream
But when you come together you make one great team

You are like two sides of a coin
Always stuck together, but you know you belong
Your first best friend, your partner in crime
No matter what happens you will always have a good time

They will annoy you and bug you
But when it’s time to defend you, you know they will always come through
You encourage each other, helping the other along
Keeping each other confident and headstrong

You would do whatever you can to please them
And any problems you have, you will try to overcome
Both of you continually disturb your parents when you argue
But 10 minutes later you scream “What can I do without you!”

You both lay in bed tucked up tight
With your sibling by your side you know it feels right
You could be completely different, even almost the same
But your feelings for them will never change

You have your bad moments; you have your good times,
But the best ones will always be prime
At the end of your life you think “Wow,
God has partnered me up with the perfect pal”

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, the Rochester Grammar School