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Holidays – A Time Of Joy And Bliss

Holidays are a point in time where you finish work or school,
And have some time out to do something fun and cool.
Hanging out with family, friends and other loved ones,
Laughing, bonding and chatting each other while having fun!

One way to spend a holiday is to go overboard, whether alone or with your family,
Going somewhere different and exotic, and wanting new experiences and somewhere sunny.
The adults hope to get rid of some of their previous stress,
And the kids try to do everything they possibly can, making sure they have no regrets!

But some don’t want this, or can’t afford it, so they do something simple instead,
Like going out with friends for meals or just having a relaxing breakfast in bed!
They just want peace and quiet, maybe in their apartment or small house,
Having some time in their comfort for them is what it’s all about!

Another type of holiday is for the newly wed, and this is called the honeymoon,
Where they can enjoy each other’s company, and stay in the same tune.
Or maybe the holiday for parents, when the children finally move away,
Because although they’ll be missed, they’ll be relieved that there can be quiet for more than a day!

So, as we can see, holidays are different for everyone,
When they embrace the time of no work, and enjoy some lovely sun.
But no matter the season, place or the conditions they may face in the holidays,
When it comes to spending time with family, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School



Your Beauty

Your beauty is ever before my eyes,
The wind a catalyst for it’s sway,
My eyes behold your excellence,
My mind racing,
It makes my heart pang.

Directs my feet to chase after you,
For ever you are ever before me,
Swaying: left, right and left again!
It leaves me speechless.

At the perfect time, you spring forth,
There’s something about you,
My mind seeks after it,
But I just can’t explain it.

Your light shining before me,
Guiding my paths,
Even while my eyes are closed,
Your beauty is ever before me.

Sam Aig

Beginning At The End

As we gather together,
Looking up to tomorrow
As we close this chapter;
It seems like the end,
But it’s only the beginning,

As you say your goodbyes,
Do not forget the days gone by;
The bad and the good times you shared together
The memories engraved in your lives,

You must move on;
To greater calling and pursuits,
Yesterday is gone
Faced with the tide of tomorrow
Do not forget the foundation you have laid

The struggle and trouble you faced,
Through the storm tossed sea
Tears of Joy sometimes and sadness sometimes
These moments we hold dear

Seeing past the differences in each other
The bond, so strong you formed
A bond that can’t be broken
Remember to keep the bond strong

Now you go your different ways
Writing a new chapter of your lives
You must hold on to the memories.

Never forgetting; as you climb higher,
As you start this new chapter,
To remember your roots.

by Samuel Aigbotsua

Memories – Moments Never Forgotten

Memories are those precious pictures and videos in our mind
We will always remember them; even when the event is far behind
They make us the person we are today, happy or sad,
Often bringing warmth in our hearts and making us glad

They could be amazing memories that allow happiness to bubble up inside of you
Even if it may be as simple as you having a laugh with a friend or two
You may have received an award or won a medal by winning a race
Or being congratulated for a nomination for the Nobel Prize and winning first place!

They could be bad memories, so that when we think of them they make us cry
Whether you fell out with your best friend, or when you found out a close family member died
They can make you mad, or make you feel really guilty
When your sibling annoyed you greatly, or when you remember stealing that cookie!

Then there are the priceless memories of fantastic holidays with your family
Or skipping to the gate as you make your way to your first day at school, grinning happily
Remembering when you became a teenager, feeling both anxious and excited,
And then growing up and getting married, with your partner united.

Memories are moments that we will always remember no matter what
And they will always be a part of us, whether we like it or not
We cherish them, meditate on them, and react to them
And they will keep happening and revolving, more and more to come…

Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Change – The Only Constant In Life

Change is a series of unstoppable moments
It is a period where everything may not always be in focus
You never know when it will happen, it isn’t planned
Some of those times won’t be good; at others change will be grand!

Changing from a baby to a toddler, taking your first steps
And you say your first word, wondering what else is next!
You become bigger, and start school
And soon learn that being older and going to school isn’t that cool!

You go through primary school, learning all the way
But this place is not where you will stay
You move onto secondary school, which is much harder
From that moment you wish you were back in nursery, still a starter!

Then you go to university, study hard and then graduate
And get a job, an experience that may or may not be great!
You grow into a young adult and learn different things about life
And when the time is right, you may become a husband or wife!

You will have your own kids and see them grow
And hope they will do well in life, knowing everything they need to know
They later on have kids and you become a grandparent, even maybe a great grandparent
And when you go, you will watch them from Heaven!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Siblings – Love Indescribeable

Brothers and sisters, one of the best buddies you can get
Having a relationship that you will never regret
You will constantly fight, kick and scream
But when you come together you make one great team

You are like two sides of a coin
Always stuck together, but you know you belong
Your first best friend, your partner in crime
No matter what happens you will always have a good time

They will annoy you and bug you
But when it’s time to defend you, you know they will always come through
You encourage each other, helping the other along
Keeping each other confident and headstrong

You would do whatever you can to please them
And any problems you have, you will try to overcome
Both of you continually disturb your parents when you argue
But 10 minutes later you scream “What can I do without you!”

You both lay in bed tucked up tight
With your sibling by your side you know it feels right
You could be completely different, even almost the same
But your feelings for them will never change

You have your bad moments; you have your good times,
But the best ones will always be prime
At the end of your life you think “Wow,
God has partnered me up with the perfect pal”

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, the Rochester Grammar School

The call

My skin crawled with emotion,
As my blood ran with ferocity.
My bone stretched with eagerness
As my flesh strengthened its grip.

My heart raced with joy,
As my mind skipped with singing.
My body moved with happiness,
As my spirit grasped Peace.

Why do you wait Oh my soul?
Why do you wait?
Run Oh my soul!
My soul, run!

Can’t you hear me calling?
I’ve been ever present,
but your mind is ever busy,
Chasing the things that do not last.

Knock, Knock,
The door moves with each sound,
Yet it stays still
as my heart ponders…

Answer the call,
I wait, constantly longing for fellowship,
Answer the call,
I’m reaching out to you…

But my heart is racing,
Goose bumps on my skin,
As I walked towards the door,
Bright light shining,

So full of glory,
I reach out and hold on.

by Samuel Aigbotsua.


See the hazy light blue sky
Golden leaves are falling
The brown old trees give a sigh
You can hear them calling

Hear the crinkly golden leaves
Crunching under children’s feet
Listen to the dead old trees
The stomping makes a beat

Smell the creamy steamy air
Steak pie is on my plate
Dessert cooking in the oven as we stare
More children running towards the gate

Feel the wind against your face
Red and orange whirl about
Drifting into every place
Leaves of course no doubt

Taste the soup run down your throat
It’s as smooth as silk
Sailing down like a boat
Served with a drink of milk


by Glory Adeola

The Sun And The Moon

I wake up to the morning Sun
Skip outside to have some fun, The shining light goes down at night The moon is up, the sky is bright.
In the night stars glow
Even brighter than white snow, can you see it in your dream? Light is like a brightening beam…
Light can blind you
Light can fright you
Light is glowing in the night
Light goes all around for day and night
If you use light all up
you’ll be left in the dark…
Light comes, light goes
When the Sun goes down
The moon glows.
By Victoria Adeola

My Humble Friend

The wind blows,
Rustling each leaf,
The trees bow to the music it makes,
I dance through the storm,
Tossed about riding this breeze.

Did I say storm?
The dust rises as it spirals home,
The sound of laughter it makes,
We dance along to the music.

The sun's out,
The wind soothing our scorched skin,
All around is bright, 
In the corner, a pillar rises.

Fluffy, woolly, soft flakes cover the floor,
Adding to the beautiful colours before my eyes,
The scenery is surreal,
Eerie silence sinks in my ears,
The taste is like marmalade on toast,
Sight so warming,
You can feel the calmness on your skin.

That sound! the one we heard before,
Rolls back the years,
That sound, I've heard it before,
Brings back memories,
I can feel it.

The wind is back again,
This times it is accompanied,
Creating pebbles deep down,
You can hear it bounce off the empty walls.

It's cold,
The silence is calm and sweet,
It's dark,
The stars are beautiful,
Slow cold breath,
A smile,
It plays before your eyes as the sound reaches you.

Knock, knock, knock
My humble friend.