Holidays – A Time Of Joy And Bliss

Holidays are a point in time where you finish work or school,
And have some time out to do something fun and cool.
Hanging out with family, friends and other loved ones,
Laughing, bonding and chatting each other while having fun!

One way to spend a holiday is to go overboard, whether alone or with your family,
Going somewhere different and exotic, and wanting new experiences and somewhere sunny.
The adults hope to get rid of some of their previous stress,
And the kids try to do everything they possibly can, making sure they have no regrets!

But some don’t want this, or can’t afford it, so they do something simple instead,
Like going out with friends for meals or just having a relaxing breakfast in bed!
They just want peace and quiet, maybe in their apartment or small house,
Having some time in their comfort for them is what it’s all about!

Another type of holiday is for the newly wed, and this is called the honeymoon,
Where they can enjoy each other’s company, and stay in the same tune.
Or maybe the holiday for parents, when the children finally move away,
Because although they’ll be missed, they’ll be relieved that there can be quiet for more than a day!

So, as we can see, holidays are different for everyone,
When they embrace the time of no work, and enjoy some lovely sun.
But no matter the season, place or the conditions they may face in the holidays,
When it comes to spending time with family, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School