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The Fruits Of The Spirit

The fruits of the Holy Spirit will help you get through life
To overcome struggles, toils and strife,
Love is that true warmth put into your heart
It can get you through anything, right from the start

Joy is that true, delightful feeling that you feel inside
It gets rid of the feeling of selfishness and pride,
Peace is serenity and calmness of mind
It is one of the best feelings that you can ever find

Patience is being able to accept the act of waiting
It keeps you calm and stops you thinking people are irritating,
Kindness is the quality that makes you thoughtful and considerate
It makes people want to think about you too; it makes you different

Goodness is the act of honesty and rightness
It shows that you have integrity and politeness,
Faithfulness is being true and loyal to what you believe in
It shows that you have trueness and fairness within

Gentleness is being careful and kind when handling people
This quality could earn respect and will keep you peaceful
Lastly, there is self-control, the act of self discipline
It will help you to gain advice and allow you to keep listening

These fruits will continue to help you to grow
They will let your light shine, and let you glow

Poem by Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School