Category: Enlightenment

Toys – Our Fictional Friends

Toys are objects that we played with as children;
Whether we were playing with Barbies or making a Lego building.
We would talk to them, take care of them, and always had fun;
But we were always excited to move on to that new Nerf gun!

As babies we have those pretend phones or that plastic talking robot;
Although they could often end up getting destroyed or completely covered in snot!
They comforted us when we couldn’t talk or understand life quite yet,
Although when we get a new one, it is the old one we can never forget!

Girls have their dolls, and would style their hair and change their dresses,
And get our new pretend iPad in which we used to send our parents a message!
As a girl you get your first cooking set, and make your own ‘cupcakes’,
Although there would always be some kind of funny, minor mistake!

Boys have their water guns, shooting water bullets all day long,
Or have a court table and play Tennis and Ping-Pong.
They play with Lego Chima and do role plays with the men,
And although you’ve played it lots of times, you always want to do it again and again!

Adults even have their own toys, an Xbox or a PlayStation;
Loving the video games and the everlasting sensation.
Playing on the Wii, and having fun playing imaginary sports,
Although we all know it is much healthier to play on actual sports’ courts!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


Nature – God’s Creation

Nature surrounds us everywhere we go,
It is all around us, even if we don’t know
What a beautiful sight to behold,
Giving us a feeling that sometimes cannot be controlled

When the sun rises in the morning, whether the weather is hot or cold,
It still gives off purple and red and a golden yellow, showing bold colours
It shines out bright, lights up the sky with defined illumination,
It can blend in with the rain, showing God’s awesome creation

The gorgeous flowers sing songs as they start to grow,
Giving out sweet nectar to the bees, butterflies and insects below
The different trees spread out their leaves and grow fruit,
And bury in the ground their gigantic roots

The animals are wonderful and colourful to look at,
From an animal as small as an ant to a unique specie such as the bat
These are things that we can’t describe in just a few words,
But we know it’s beautiful no matter what, that’s for sure!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Identity – Genesis

They’ve said you are nothing,
they doubted at sight,
mind crunching words,
your mind takes flight.

Choices I dare NOT make,
With a doctor’s incision,
The time cuts through.

Each day I rise,
The silence creeps up on me,
I surge forward, but let it be,

Words engage in battle,
The struggle to eliminate this silence,
In the distance, YES the distance,
I spiral down,
The tunnel wraps me in, YES the distance,
It encroaches on me.

That sound, snap...
It’s a flicker,
The light at the end some might say,
But I love who I am,
Uniquely created by the Almighty,
He looked and saw,
what he made was good and beautiful.

Fashioned in his own image,
At the gates of humanity,
For all who is.

That sound, snap...
The light wraps me in a tight embrace,
The darkness only an illusion of the old ways,
This time, it’s beautiful,

I am who He says I am,
His child, His own image,
Destiny decided by the creator,

In Christ,
my identity.

"Genesis 1: 27"

Ashes to Ashes

Out of the ashes I rise,
slow, cold, stench,
the marks engraved deep within my skin,
scorched from the outside,
my soul still wins.

Turning, whirling, screeching,
I rise,
Up, up, up, I rise,
my spirit wincing at the pain.
The wind blows,
Still I rise.

Out of the darkness a form,
Out of the light a form,
so bright and sure,
This light glides towards me.
Pain, scorching heat, disappears;
I look and behold,
Still I rise.

Nail pierced hands,
spear pierced side,
holes in his feet...
Still he glows.
Brighter than the sun,
yet soothing to the eyes,
still I rise.

Peace floods my soul,
my spirit is in sync as yet...
I rise.

Out of the ashes I rise,
Into Salvation, I rise.