Books – A whole new world in your hands

Books can take you to a whole new adventure, a whole new place,
Whether it’s a fairy-tale land or the middle of a mystery case.
You get interested and can’t find yourself to put it down or stop;
And you start to get excited about getting another one in the bookshop.

You have non-fiction books, the ones with the truth and with facts.
Filled with topics such as the deadliest animals or ancient artefacts.
You can use them for projects, or to find out key information;
Although it’s obvious that fiction books are better for our imagination!

Fiction books take us to a new place, a place that can’t be real;
Stories that can make us gasp, laugh, cry, smile and squeal!
This genre is often for entertainment, and just for a bit of fun,
A lovely way to relax once all your hard work is done!

Then we have the autobiographies, the books about you!
Where we see the lives of others and see what they went through.
And biographies that are written not by you, but by another person,
Although with these we can never be sure what is written is absolutely certain.

Finally there are those books that tell a story a different way,
The way that can control your feelings depending on what it tries to say.
These are poems and songs, the unique way to tell a story;
Whether it is funny, sad or just simply extremely gory!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8 , The Rochester Grammar School


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