Food and Drink – A Universal Need

Food is the substance that we all like to eat;
Varying from foods like vegetables to food like meat.
We have people who eat a lot, and people who don’t bother;
But it helps us get taller, lets our bones grow stronger.

We have the sweet food, that we all know isn’t healthy for our bodies,
The food we always want to get, even though it may be naughty!
They taste delicious, the taste melting on our tongues;
The delicious icing of cakes, the jam on the buns!

But we also have healthy food: fruit, vegetables and fish,
Although they aren’t as nice as a bar of chocolate or a sweet dish!
They help our bodies to develop, our bodies to grow,
Help us to walk and run, speak, think properly, catch and throw.

We have our fizzy drinks, and our squash and juice;
As good looking as the taste that is produced!
In moderate portions they could be healthy, or simply filled with sugar,
Though it is our crazy side that it may trigger!

But, then we have the healthy ones, water or even a yoghurt drink;
They may not taste the best, or have flavour, but they are better than we think!
They help give us strength, and quench our thirst,
But normally we like to have a nice meal first!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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