Month: April 2017

Colours – Hues That make Up Our World

We have colours everywhere around us, everywhere we look;
Whether from the colours of the rainbow, or pictures in a book.
All colours have a different meaning, symbolizing different things;
Whether it is red, orange, pink, black, yellow, white, blue, purple or green!

Red symbolizes anger, a deep rush of blood or fire;
Orange showing signs of creativity, or the feeling of being inspired.
Yellow shows us positivity, or the brightness of the sun;
And green showing us a sign of growth and fertility, like a flower growing from a bud.

Blue symbolizes the sky and the sea, or the sadness that we may feel,
Pink showing love and tenderness, the fact that love is that true seal.
Purple symbolizes the colour of royalty, a rich, luxurious shade.
It is all of these colours of the rainbow in which a meaning is conveyed.

But then you have those strange colours, ones we still adore,
But the actual meaning or its symbolization of it still leaves us so unsure.
Colours like brown, turquoise, indigo, peach, camouflage or grey;
Yet the lack of knowing its true value doesn’t stop us from liking them or putting them on display,

All the colours in the world vary from happy to sad, dark to light;
But we know that no matter the shade, they all seem to be alright.
We love them all and can’t pick the one we like the most,
Although we know which ones are nice together and which ones are gross!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


Your Beauty

Your beauty is ever before my eyes,
The wind a catalyst for it’s sway,
My eyes behold your excellence,
My mind racing,
It makes my heart pang.

Directs my feet to chase after you,
For ever you are ever before me,
Swaying: left, right and left again!
It leaves me speechless.

At the perfect time, you spring forth,
There’s something about you,
My mind seeks after it,
But I just can’t explain it.

Your light shining before me,
Guiding my paths,
Even while my eyes are closed,
Your beauty is ever before me.

Sam Aig

Books – A whole new world in your hands

Books can take you to a whole new adventure, a whole new place,
Whether it’s a fairy-tale land or the middle of a mystery case.
You get interested and can’t find yourself to put it down or stop;
And you start to get excited about getting another one in the bookshop.

You have non-fiction books, the ones with the truth and with facts.
Filled with topics such as the deadliest animals or ancient artefacts.
You can use them for projects, or to find out key information;
Although it’s obvious that fiction books are better for our imagination!

Fiction books take us to a new place, a place that can’t be real;
Stories that can make us gasp, laugh, cry, smile and squeal!
This genre is often for entertainment, and just for a bit of fun,
A lovely way to relax once all your hard work is done!

Then we have the autobiographies, the books about you!
Where we see the lives of others and see what they went through.
And biographies that are written not by you, but by another person,
Although with these we can never be sure what is written is absolutely certain.

Finally there are those books that tell a story a different way,
The way that can control your feelings depending on what it tries to say.
These are poems and songs, the unique way to tell a story;
Whether it is funny, sad or just simply extremely gory!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8 , The Rochester Grammar School

Food and Drink – A Universal Need

Food is the substance that we all like to eat;
Varying from foods like vegetables to food like meat.
We have people who eat a lot, and people who don’t bother;
But it helps us get taller, lets our bones grow stronger.

We have the sweet food, that we all know isn’t healthy for our bodies,
The food we always want to get, even though it may be naughty!
They taste delicious, the taste melting on our tongues;
The delicious icing of cakes, the jam on the buns!

But we also have healthy food: fruit, vegetables and fish,
Although they aren’t as nice as a bar of chocolate or a sweet dish!
They help our bodies to develop, our bodies to grow,
Help us to walk and run, speak, think properly, catch and throw.

We have our fizzy drinks, and our squash and juice;
As good looking as the taste that is produced!
In moderate portions they could be healthy, or simply filled with sugar,
Though it is our crazy side that it may trigger!

But, then we have the healthy ones, water or even a yoghurt drink;
They may not taste the best, or have flavour, but they are better than we think!
They help give us strength, and quench our thirst,
But normally we like to have a nice meal first!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School