Family – Love Unconditional

A family is often the mum, dad and children together;
A unit that is happy and sticks together, whatever the weather.
They co-exist in harmony most of the time, as one big team,
Making life easy for each other, as swift and light as a dream.

First you start of as nuclear, with the mother and father,
And then the children come, a son, and or a daughter.
You live in the same house, and laugh and disagree but no matter what may,
Showing love and gladness all the time, no signs of dismay.

Then you have the grandparents, parents to your parents, in which no one can compare;
Who are always there, willing to help with anything they have spare.
You extend it more, your parents, siblings known as uncles and/or aunts;
Always ready to spoil their nephews or nieces at any possible chance.

Your cousins are nephews or nieces to your parents:
And with you, you’re like siblings, always sharing.
You’re either fighting, or loving each other;
They’re like a different kind of blood sister or brother.

You family goes into all sorts, from grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters,
Uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, even godparents are included in the mixture!
All of them playing a part in your life, showing different shades of caring;
This forms the acronym for FAMILY, proudly declaring;

F-A-M, Forget About Me, and think about you first;
I-L-Y, I Love You, always with you through the very worst…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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