Childhood- When ignorance is bliss

Childhood is the basic start in life,
When we don’t have a trouble, or face any strife.
We grow and learn and develop into young adults;
But at this stage we don’t even have the sense of our own impulse!

We come out of the womb and cry to our mothers,
Not caring about disturbing and bothering others.
You cannot think for yourself, cannot fend for yourself,
But you can ensure that nothing from you will be withheld.

Then we grow into a toddler, and take our first steps,
And start to use our hands to hold objects.
We say our first words, and our life has just begun,
As we step into the school life, learning one plus one!

We merge into a child, and begin to know Yes and No,
And we start to develop and begin to grow,
We know how to use our brain, and how to think,
Knowing our numbers and alphabets, the difference between blue and pink.

Then we turn, 11, and are about to enter secondary school,
And you begin to know yourself, and come to know what’s cool.
You grow out of the phase of a child, growing in wisdom;
But now adulthood is a whole new business!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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