SOCIAL MEDIA- The Latest Fad

Social media helps us talk with family and friends
We are able to chat for hours on end
There’s really no need to be side to side
As we can chat to them on different devices even by the bedside

FACEBOOK, the king of all the Medias
Where you can have a joke or be serious
Post pictures or videos, then click on like, love or poke
And talk to long lost friends and crack many jokes!

YOUTUBE, where you watch your favourite people
Videos about weird situations, or even how to make treacle
You can see videos that make you laugh or cry
Or view the latest products that you could buy

TWITTER, where you can make comments and say what you think
And get other comments as quick as a blink
You hear the views of others and see what they say
But you may not think in the same way!

SNAPCHAT, where you can update your friends on what’s going on
Whether you’re getting you hair done or just having fun
You can chat with friends and make them smile
And tell them to check your pictures and profile

INSTAGRAM, a place to share pictures and videos
And look at other posts, whether beautiful or hideous
You can talk to friends and catch up with the latest gossip
And talk about which celebrity is the most awesome

So, social media can help communicate with loved ones
And talk about anything and anyone
Although this is a positive aspect of life on a screen
It is sometimes not as good as it may seem…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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