Prayer – Conversing With God

Prayer is the way to talk to God
Watch how he will answer you, leaving you awed
He can make you wait for a while until you get it
All you have to do is have faith, and not quit

Prayer is a huge advantage to everyone who knows about it
A request in which you want God to commit
It can be answered in an instant, and makes you very blessed
And amaze your friends, leaving them shocked and impressed

Prayer is a cry unto Him when help is needed
And you are guaranteed you will not be unheeded
You will be helped with your powerful words
Cry “Oh help me Lord!” and you will be served

A method used to bless the ones you care about
And know He will support you, without a doubt
Pray to Him to help you fulfil your destiny
And make your life easy, so you can smile pleasantly

So, go on, try the way of prayer, and see what it will do
And how God will hear you, and instantly help you
He will aid you in your time of need, or when you’re upset
And soon you will see you are seen as a big threat…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8,The Rochester Grammar School


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