Beginning At The End

As we gather together,
Looking up to tomorrow
As we close this chapter;
It seems like the end,
But it’s only the beginning,

As you say your goodbyes,
Do not forget the days gone by;
The bad and the good times you shared together
The memories engraved in your lives,

You must move on;
To greater calling and pursuits,
Yesterday is gone
Faced with the tide of tomorrow
Do not forget the foundation you have laid

The struggle and trouble you faced,
Through the storm tossed sea
Tears of Joy sometimes and sadness sometimes
These moments we hold dear

Seeing past the differences in each other
The bond, so strong you formed
A bond that can’t be broken
Remember to keep the bond strong

Now you go your different ways
Writing a new chapter of your lives
You must hold on to the memories.

Never forgetting; as you climb higher,
As you start this new chapter,
To remember your roots.

by Samuel Aigbotsua


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