The Prodigal Child

The prodigal child was impatient and wanted his share
Spent his money anyhow, throwing it everywhere
But then it soon ran out, and he didn’t know what to do
He decided to work for a farmer, as this is what his carelessness had come to

The prodigal child son realised he was lost
He didn’t know how what he was doing, his feelings got crossed
He was lucky that somebody was by his side all the way
The ‘unseen’ One by his side, every second, every minute, every day

He would wander and wander, wondering where to go
Travelling through the sunshine and through the snow
He walked around for days, questioning his actions
Thinking of his home, and his family’s reactions

Then one day he had enough of all this suffering and remembered home
So he turned away from all his suffering and started to roam
He decided to become a servant for his father, not feeling worthy to be a son
Little did he know about the thoughts of his loved ones

He arrived home and begged to be forgiven, for moving from his familiar location
But he was granted the unexpected, a royal welcome beyond imagination
This was a story that is always told, and has one main moral
God is ready to save you, through all your strife and toil.

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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