Beginning At The End

As we gather together,
Looking up to tomorrow
As we close this chapter;
It seems like the end,
But it’s only the beginning,

As you say your goodbyes,
Do not forget the days gone by;
The bad and the good times you shared together
The memories engraved in your lives,

You must move on;
To greater calling and pursuits,
Yesterday is gone
Faced with the tide of tomorrow
Do not forget the foundation you have laid

The struggle and trouble you faced,
Through the storm tossed sea
Tears of Joy sometimes and sadness sometimes
These moments we hold dear

Seeing past the differences in each other
The bond, so strong you formed
A bond that can’t be broken
Remember to keep the bond strong

Now you go your different ways
Writing a new chapter of your lives
You must hold on to the memories.

Never forgetting; as you climb higher,
As you start this new chapter,
To remember your roots.

by Samuel Aigbotsua


The Prodigal Child

The prodigal child was impatient and wanted his share
Spent his money anyhow, throwing it everywhere
But then it soon ran out, and he didn’t know what to do
He decided to work for a farmer, as this is what his carelessness had come to

The prodigal child son realised he was lost
He didn’t know how what he was doing, his feelings got crossed
He was lucky that somebody was by his side all the way
The ‘unseen’ One by his side, every second, every minute, every day

He would wander and wander, wondering where to go
Travelling through the sunshine and through the snow
He walked around for days, questioning his actions
Thinking of his home, and his family’s reactions

Then one day he had enough of all this suffering and remembered home
So he turned away from all his suffering and started to roam
He decided to become a servant for his father, not feeling worthy to be a son
Little did he know about the thoughts of his loved ones

He arrived home and begged to be forgiven, for moving from his familiar location
But he was granted the unexpected, a royal welcome beyond imagination
This was a story that is always told, and has one main moral
God is ready to save you, through all your strife and toil.

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Memories – Moments Never Forgotten

Memories are those precious pictures and videos in our mind
We will always remember them; even when the event is far behind
They make us the person we are today, happy or sad,
Often bringing warmth in our hearts and making us glad

They could be amazing memories that allow happiness to bubble up inside of you
Even if it may be as simple as you having a laugh with a friend or two
You may have received an award or won a medal by winning a race
Or being congratulated for a nomination for the Nobel Prize and winning first place!

They could be bad memories, so that when we think of them they make us cry
Whether you fell out with your best friend, or when you found out a close family member died
They can make you mad, or make you feel really guilty
When your sibling annoyed you greatly, or when you remember stealing that cookie!

Then there are the priceless memories of fantastic holidays with your family
Or skipping to the gate as you make your way to your first day at school, grinning happily
Remembering when you became a teenager, feeling both anxious and excited,
And then growing up and getting married, with your partner united.

Memories are moments that we will always remember no matter what
And they will always be a part of us, whether we like it or not
We cherish them, meditate on them, and react to them
And they will keep happening and revolving, more and more to come…

Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School