A time and season for everything

When you came into this ageing world,
With a cry and with wonder, Giving joy to those around you
Let’s take a step back, while you pruned and matured
Within the casing in which you were delivered
With the warmth, life and smiles to those on the outside
I was there.

Coming back a few years after,
When you first crawled, no longer still and motionless,
With laughter sounding all around,
I was there.

Now, you took your first steps,
Said your first words, ate your first meal that wasn’t milk,
Progressing with such grace and speed,
Marvelously embracing the change in this world,
I was there.

Then you went to school with the excitement of your first day,
You met new people just like you, you made new friends,
Then others came along just the way you did, your brothers and sisters,
You were happy, having to look after them with joy,
I was there.

Then you joined the group of teenagers,
You rebelled sometimes, you cried sometimes
Yet you still loved me in your heart,
Showing those around you what it’s like to know me,
I was there.

Now you’re a young adult,
Facing troubles, you never saw coming, but don’t make haste: Stop and think,
Look all around you, look into the past,
Tell me what you see. Don’t you see my goodness in the land of the living?
Do not despair because:
I am with you.


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