Fear – A Mere Illusion

Fear is an emotion that can grip you so easily
A feeling that comes over us ever so frequently
It can grip you like a vice
And leave a feeling that isn’t very nice

It is a feeling that can be caused by pain or danger or harm
And takes over us like a terrible charm
You have to be strong-hearted to overcome it
But it is an experience that can happen to anyone, whether young or fit!

There is the fear of failure or disappointment
And creepy illusions that are really just pointless
Hearing a loud “BOO!” can make our heart race
And being afraid of getting caught up in life’s rat race

And although we have this beast of a feeling inside of us
Believing fear isn’t real can help to overcome this feeling
And knowing we can crush it and not let it take over
Being able to control it more and more as we get older and wiser

We can learn to defeat it as we go through life
Even though it can still cause a lot of strife
Knowing that fear is only a way to get stronger
You can stand up to it, stand a little taller…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


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