Month: December 2016

Fear – A Mere Illusion

Fear is an emotion that can grip you so easily
A feeling that comes over us ever so frequently
It can grip you like a vice
And leave a feeling that isn’t very nice

It is a feeling that can be caused by pain or danger or harm
And takes over us like a terrible charm
You have to be strong-hearted to overcome it
But it is an experience that can happen to anyone, whether young or fit!

There is the fear of failure or disappointment
And creepy illusions that are really just pointless
Hearing a loud “BOO!” can make our heart race
And being afraid of getting caught up in life’s rat race

And although we have this beast of a feeling inside of us
Believing fear isn’t real can help to overcome this feeling
And knowing we can crush it and not let it take over
Being able to control it more and more as we get older and wiser

We can learn to defeat it as we go through life
Even though it can still cause a lot of strife
Knowing that fear is only a way to get stronger
You can stand up to it, stand a little taller…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


Identity – Exodus

My child, the youngest of my petals,
your scent rising above the fences,
the sound bouncing off shiny metals,
When will you come to your senses?

You say, you’ve found your way,
pacing to and fro come what may,
our light shines forth
but not as bright as it ought…

My child, what do you search for?
the scent rising higher day by day!
our meadow is the best ashore,
but your heart is gone astray…

You say you’re fine by yourself,
guaranteed all that you want
you no longer seek help
your image, you flaunt…

My child, soft as silk,
smooth as a baby’s skin,
your meal still as milk,
causes you to raise your chin…

I say, you’re lost and you know it!
racing higher but you don’t fit
purpose: you forgot the meaning.
get back to the ways that are appealing.

Sam Aigbotsua

Change – The Only Constant In Life

Change is a series of unstoppable moments
It is a period where everything may not always be in focus
You never know when it will happen, it isn’t planned
Some of those times won’t be good; at others change will be grand!

Changing from a baby to a toddler, taking your first steps
And you say your first word, wondering what else is next!
You become bigger, and start school
And soon learn that being older and going to school isn’t that cool!

You go through primary school, learning all the way
But this place is not where you will stay
You move onto secondary school, which is much harder
From that moment you wish you were back in nursery, still a starter!

Then you go to university, study hard and then graduate
And get a job, an experience that may or may not be great!
You grow into a young adult and learn different things about life
And when the time is right, you may become a husband or wife!

You will have your own kids and see them grow
And hope they will do well in life, knowing everything they need to know
They later on have kids and you become a grandparent, even maybe a great grandparent
And when you go, you will watch them from Heaven!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

Siblings – Love Indescribeable

Brothers and sisters, one of the best buddies you can get
Having a relationship that you will never regret
You will constantly fight, kick and scream
But when you come together you make one great team

You are like two sides of a coin
Always stuck together, but you know you belong
Your first best friend, your partner in crime
No matter what happens you will always have a good time

They will annoy you and bug you
But when it’s time to defend you, you know they will always come through
You encourage each other, helping the other along
Keeping each other confident and headstrong

You would do whatever you can to please them
And any problems you have, you will try to overcome
Both of you continually disturb your parents when you argue
But 10 minutes later you scream “What can I do without you!”

You both lay in bed tucked up tight
With your sibling by your side you know it feels right
You could be completely different, even almost the same
But your feelings for them will never change

You have your bad moments; you have your good times,
But the best ones will always be prime
At the end of your life you think “Wow,
God has partnered me up with the perfect pal”

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, the Rochester Grammar School


Birthdays are that one special day just for you
Everyone is focused on you all day through
You get so many presents and good wishes from friends and family
Your head is spinning with happiness; you feel like you’re in fantasy

You get so many phone calls that say
“Oh it’s your special day! Happy Birthday!”
You blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish
And you find you are still smiling long after the party is done

You open the presents and joy fills your heart
For the rest of the day that feeling of love will not depart
Then you say goodbye to everyone you’ve seen
And sigh to yourself, what a great day it’s been!

Counting the last minutes down, you feel that final buzz
And you feel amazing, you don’t know why, It’s just because
You go off to bed and smile to yourself
And hear the seconds hand from the clock on the shelf

Three… two… one…
The day is finally done.
What a Happy Birthday this has been!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School