The call

My skin crawled with emotion,
As my blood ran with ferocity.
My bone stretched with eagerness
As my flesh strengthened its grip.

My heart raced with joy,
As my mind skipped with singing.
My body moved with happiness,
As my spirit grasped Peace.

Why do you wait Oh my soul?
Why do you wait?
Run Oh my soul!
My soul, run!

Can’t you hear me calling?
I’ve been ever present,
but your mind is ever busy,
Chasing the things that do not last.

Knock, Knock,
The door moves with each sound,
Yet it stays still
as my heart ponders…

Answer the call,
I wait, constantly longing for fellowship,
Answer the call,
I’m reaching out to you…

But my heart is racing,
Goose bumps on my skin,
As I walked towards the door,
Bright light shining,

So full of glory,
I reach out and hold on.

by Samuel Aigbotsua.


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