True Friends

A person who sticks beside you no matter what is what you call a true friend
Someone who always stands by you, all the way to the very end
With them you find you can always laugh, always play, always share
You know you can tell them anything, as you know they’ll be there.

You can tell them your deepest thoughts and secrets
And be assured it’s not the news on the street!
When you trust them and they in turn also trust you
You know that the bond you share is strong and true

True friends will be with you, overcoming together side by side
It is usually in them that you can confide
You often joke about and always have fun
And you know that they will even laugh at your rubbish puns!

They too know that they have a shoulder to cry on when they are sad
Not one to judge but support them when things are really bad
You know you can do stupid things and will be forgiven
Since your bond is forever golden

They can help change your attitude to make you a better person
This is because they care so much, not allowing you to worsen
Your true friends are people who will not only be there physically, but also in your heart
They have that special place there, right from the very start…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

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