Seasons Of The Year

In Spring the grass is green and the skies are blue
The fresh air smells fresh and brand new,
Spring is a time that lasts from March to May 
Birds are chirping above our heads, working all day.

Then there’s summer where the sun shines so bright
It shines on all creatures and plants in sight
The summer includes June, July and August
It is when the year is at its hottest!

Autumn is when all leaves on the trees change colour and fall down
From green to yellow, from orange to brown!
This season consists of September, October and November
It is a time for reflection of the World War, a time to remember...

Winter is the season of cold breezes and snow
It is the time that Christmas lights start to glow
Winter is made up of December, January and February
But although it is cold, it is a time to be merry!

All year round we experience so many different things
The seasons are different; who knows what each of them will bring!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

11 thoughts on “Seasons Of The Year

  1. Well done Foyinsola. This is the beginning of greater heights IJN. The gift of God in you will make room for you amongst the noble. So proud of you.


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