My Humble Friend

The wind blows,
Rustling each leaf,
The trees bow to the music it makes,
I dance through the storm,
Tossed about riding this breeze.

Did I say storm?
The dust rises as it spirals home,
The sound of laughter it makes,
We dance along to the music.

The sun's out,
The wind soothing our scorched skin,
All around is bright, 
In the corner, a pillar rises.

Fluffy, woolly, soft flakes cover the floor,
Adding to the beautiful colours before my eyes,
The scenery is surreal,
Eerie silence sinks in my ears,
The taste is like marmalade on toast,
Sight so warming,
You can feel the calmness on your skin.

That sound! the one we heard before,
Rolls back the years,
That sound, I've heard it before,
Brings back memories,
I can feel it.

The wind is back again,
This times it is accompanied,
Creating pebbles deep down,
You can hear it bounce off the empty walls.

It's cold,
The silence is calm and sweet,
It's dark,
The stars are beautiful,
Slow cold breath,
A smile,
It plays before your eyes as the sound reaches you.

Knock, knock, knock
My humble friend.

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