Identity – Genesis

They’ve said you are nothing,
they doubted at sight,
mind crunching words,
your mind takes flight.

Choices I dare NOT make,
With a doctor’s incision,
The time cuts through.

Each day I rise,
The silence creeps up on me,
I surge forward, but let it be,

Words engage in battle,
The struggle to eliminate this silence,
In the distance, YES the distance,
I spiral down,
The tunnel wraps me in, YES the distance,
It encroaches on me.

That sound, snap...
It’s a flicker,
The light at the end some might say,
But I love who I am,
Uniquely created by the Almighty,
He looked and saw,
what he made was good and beautiful.

Fashioned in his own image,
At the gates of humanity,
For all who is.

That sound, snap...
The light wraps me in a tight embrace,
The darkness only an illusion of the old ways,
This time, it’s beautiful,

I am who He says I am,
His child, His own image,
Destiny decided by the creator,

In Christ,
my identity.

"Genesis 1: 27"

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