Month: November 2016

Love – The Bride and The Groom

Love is an amazing feeling that occurs between at least two people
It causes a great atmosphere, calm and peaceful
A man and woman share this love as the bride and groom
Their love for each other slowly beginning to bloom

This love is true and cannot be broken
The vows they take are secure and real, every word that is spoken
Their kisses create sparks in the air
Their love shines bright everywhere

They have their moments of upset and anger
But they end up in each other’s arms laughing, after no much longer
They have their ups and downs
But they will always find their way around

They fight for each other and protect each other
They will always be there for one another
Their fate is predictable, as they will always be together
They will love each other right now and forever

God has done a wonderful thing, finding the perfect match
With His protection they will never detach
Join in this wonderful event-THE WEDDING
which then changes to a MARRIAGE as they say:
“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!”

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School


The call

My skin crawled with emotion,
As my blood ran with ferocity.
My bone stretched with eagerness
As my flesh strengthened its grip.

My heart raced with joy,
As my mind skipped with singing.
My body moved with happiness,
As my spirit grasped Peace.

Why do you wait Oh my soul?
Why do you wait?
Run Oh my soul!
My soul, run!

Can’t you hear me calling?
I’ve been ever present,
but your mind is ever busy,
Chasing the things that do not last.

Knock, Knock,
The door moves with each sound,
Yet it stays still
as my heart ponders…

Answer the call,
I wait, constantly longing for fellowship,
Answer the call,
I’m reaching out to you…

But my heart is racing,
Goose bumps on my skin,
As I walked towards the door,
Bright light shining,

So full of glory,
I reach out and hold on.

by Samuel Aigbotsua.


See the hazy light blue sky
Golden leaves are falling
The brown old trees give a sigh
You can hear them calling

Hear the crinkly golden leaves
Crunching under children’s feet
Listen to the dead old trees
The stomping makes a beat

Smell the creamy steamy air
Steak pie is on my plate
Dessert cooking in the oven as we stare
More children running towards the gate

Feel the wind against your face
Red and orange whirl about
Drifting into every place
Leaves of course no doubt

Taste the soup run down your throat
It’s as smooth as silk
Sailing down like a boat
Served with a drink of milk


by Glory Adeola

True Friends

A person who sticks beside you no matter what is what you call a true friend
Someone who always stands by you, all the way to the very end
With them you find you can always laugh, always play, always share
You know you can tell them anything, as you know they’ll be there.

You can tell them your deepest thoughts and secrets
And be assured it’s not the news on the street!
When you trust them and they in turn also trust you
You know that the bond you share is strong and true

True friends will be with you, overcoming together side by side
It is usually in them that you can confide
You often joke about and always have fun
And you know that they will even laugh at your rubbish puns!

They too know that they have a shoulder to cry on when they are sad
Not one to judge but support them when things are really bad
You know you can do stupid things and will be forgiven
Since your bond is forever golden

They can help change your attitude to make you a better person
This is because they care so much, not allowing you to worsen
Your true friends are people who will not only be there physically, but also in your heart
They have that special place there, right from the very start…

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

The Sun And The Moon

I wake up to the morning Sun
Skip outside to have some fun, The shining light goes down at night The moon is up, the sky is bright.
In the night stars glow
Even brighter than white snow, can you see it in your dream? Light is like a brightening beam…
Light can blind you
Light can fright you
Light is glowing in the night
Light goes all around for day and night
If you use light all up
you’ll be left in the dark…
Light comes, light goes
When the Sun goes down
The moon glows.
By Victoria Adeola

Seasons Of The Year

In Spring the grass is green and the skies are blue
The fresh air smells fresh and brand new,
Spring is a time that lasts from March to May 
Birds are chirping above our heads, working all day.

Then there’s summer where the sun shines so bright
It shines on all creatures and plants in sight
The summer includes June, July and August
It is when the year is at its hottest!

Autumn is when all leaves on the trees change colour and fall down
From green to yellow, from orange to brown!
This season consists of September, October and November
It is a time for reflection of the World War, a time to remember...

Winter is the season of cold breezes and snow
It is the time that Christmas lights start to glow
Winter is made up of December, January and February
But although it is cold, it is a time to be merry!

All year round we experience so many different things
The seasons are different; who knows what each of them will bring!

By Foyin Sogbetun
Year 8, The Rochester Grammar School

My Humble Friend

The wind blows,
Rustling each leaf,
The trees bow to the music it makes,
I dance through the storm,
Tossed about riding this breeze.

Did I say storm?
The dust rises as it spirals home,
The sound of laughter it makes,
We dance along to the music.

The sun's out,
The wind soothing our scorched skin,
All around is bright, 
In the corner, a pillar rises.

Fluffy, woolly, soft flakes cover the floor,
Adding to the beautiful colours before my eyes,
The scenery is surreal,
Eerie silence sinks in my ears,
The taste is like marmalade on toast,
Sight so warming,
You can feel the calmness on your skin.

That sound! the one we heard before,
Rolls back the years,
That sound, I've heard it before,
Brings back memories,
I can feel it.

The wind is back again,
This times it is accompanied,
Creating pebbles deep down,
You can hear it bounce off the empty walls.

It's cold,
The silence is calm and sweet,
It's dark,
The stars are beautiful,
Slow cold breath,
A smile,
It plays before your eyes as the sound reaches you.

Knock, knock, knock
My humble friend.

Identity – Genesis

They’ve said you are nothing,
they doubted at sight,
mind crunching words,
your mind takes flight.

Choices I dare NOT make,
With a doctor’s incision,
The time cuts through.

Each day I rise,
The silence creeps up on me,
I surge forward, but let it be,

Words engage in battle,
The struggle to eliminate this silence,
In the distance, YES the distance,
I spiral down,
The tunnel wraps me in, YES the distance,
It encroaches on me.

That sound, snap...
It’s a flicker,
The light at the end some might say,
But I love who I am,
Uniquely created by the Almighty,
He looked and saw,
what he made was good and beautiful.

Fashioned in his own image,
At the gates of humanity,
For all who is.

That sound, snap...
The light wraps me in a tight embrace,
The darkness only an illusion of the old ways,
This time, it’s beautiful,

I am who He says I am,
His child, His own image,
Destiny decided by the creator,

In Christ,
my identity.

"Genesis 1: 27"