Love – The Bride and The Groom

Written By Foyin Sogbetun


The call

My skin crawled with emotion, As my blood ran with ferocity. My bone stretched with eagerness As my flesh strengthened its grip. My heart raced with joy, As my mind skipped with singing. My body moved with happiness, As my spirit grasped Peace. Why do you wait Oh my soul? Why do you wait? Run … Continue reading The call

The Sun And The Moon

I wake up to the morning SunSkip outside to have some fun, The shining light goes down at night The moon is up, the sky is bright. In the night stars glowEven brighter than white snow, can you see it in your dream? Light is like a brightening beam… Light can blind youLight can fright … Continue reading The Sun And The Moon

Seasons Of The Year

In Spring the grass is green and the skies are blue The fresh air smells fresh and brand new, Spring is a time that lasts from March to May Birds are chirping above our heads, working all day. Then there’s summer where the sun shines so bright It shines on all creatures and plants in … Continue reading Seasons Of The Year

My Humble Friend

The wind blows, Rustling each leaf, The trees bow to the music it makes, I dance through the storm, Tossed about riding this breeze. Did I say storm? The dust rises as it spirals home, The sound of laughter it makes, We dance along to the music. The sun's out, The wind soothing our scorched … Continue reading My Humble Friend

Identity – Genesis

They’ve said you are nothing, they doubted at sight, mind crunching words, your mind takes flight. Choices I dare NOT make, With a doctor’s incision, The time cuts through. Each day I rise, The silence creeps up on me, I surge forward, but let it be, Words engage in battle, The struggle to eliminate this … Continue reading Identity – Genesis