Month: October 2016

Love – Not your average kind

When I think about you, 
I think of time, 
Time stops for a while,
your beauty pierces my eyes,
deep down to my heart,
beauty beyond description,

my heart races...

Sweet, smelling, roses,
Soft, smooth, silk,
Radiant, looking, sparkle,
It reaches my soul,

My whole being pulsates...

When I think about you,
I think of time,
The world stops for a while,
My heart melts like sweet savoury cheese,
Flowing down like caramel in my shake.

Words quake at the thought of you,
Words fail at the thought of you.
My knees knock each other,
Brought down to the dust as a mounting crumbling.

When I think about you,
I think of time,
Life springs forth,
The universe bows,
The earth shakes,
Mountains flee, Oceans tremble.

The thought of you is like a rushing wind,
It fills my heart; it wraps my soul.
Because of you,
Nature stands still,
When I think about you.

Ashes to Ashes

Out of the ashes I rise,
slow, cold, stench,
the marks engraved deep within my skin,
scorched from the outside,
my soul still wins.

Turning, whirling, screeching,
I rise,
Up, up, up, I rise,
my spirit wincing at the pain.
The wind blows,
Still I rise.

Out of the darkness a form,
Out of the light a form,
so bright and sure,
This light glides towards me.
Pain, scorching heat, disappears;
I look and behold,
Still I rise.

Nail pierced hands,
spear pierced side,
holes in his feet...
Still he glows.
Brighter than the sun,
yet soothing to the eyes,
still I rise.

Peace floods my soul,
my spirit is in sync as yet...
I rise.

Out of the ashes I rise,
Into Salvation, I rise.